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Private Sessions

       Private sessions are great for folks who are reluctant to dive into studio classes for whatever reason.  Private sessions are also a fabulous way to enhance a home practice, and/or to build your comfort and confidence levels before heading into group practices with different people and teachers. Of course you can also take them in addition to studio classes!

      Private sessions are 75 minutes,  plus some time for setting up and cleaning up of course.
     After 2 Home sessions or 3 Studio sessions I will also create a video addressing your main concerns/delights for my YouTube channel and send you a link.

*   The $75 can be split with a friend or two if you can find a space such at the one shown above where we can socially distance.
    All home visit participants must be fully vaccinated.

     Private sessions are $75* if I come to your home or workplace. It is a bargain $25 (per person) if you come to my home studio.  

  A %10 discount is given for your first 2 sessions if you book them together at the beginning. 

  For the first 2 Home Sessions I will supply all the necessary props and equipment, such as blocks, balance bars, mats etc.  We can decide together which items you should then purchase to support your personal practice. 

Obviously if you come to my home I have everything we will need and more.

   My Schedule is currently fairly open. 

       Please contact me to see what we can work out for you!  

    LauraRose shares her energy, poetry,* and thoughtfulness with each class! She takes each student's limitations into consideration, pushing just enough for you to feel you are making progress.

    Do something nice for yourself--take LauraRose's Bo Yoga class.

                     E.L. (owner of deck pictured above)

*Don't worry; I just read actual poetry, it's not technically "mine," so it tends to be pretty decent!

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