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There are no upcoming special events, but here is the info from our last one.  If you are interested in hosting a special event in your home/yard/etc, please get in contact!

     Please join us for this fun and relaxing day in the country.  It IS in the country and we will be outside for portions of the class, so be prepared for pollen if that is an issue for you. Also, it may well be quite sunny, so please wear your sunscreen/protective loose clothing/a hat.  The yoga will be super gentle, with no weight bearing on your arms or shoulders. We will use chairs and a Balance Bar for comfort and stability.  Please bring a blanket you don't mind putting on the ground to stand on. Lying on the ground at the end is optional.

      We will be doing a walking meditation on the grass so if you are wary of bee-stings or what-not, please wear minimalist style or slip-on foot wear for ease and connection.


     Class will be held at HerbSong Farm on lower Fox Hollow Road about 7 miles south of Eugene. The exact address and driving directions will be emailed to you upon registration.  Pre-payment via pay-pal is required, but will be refunded in the event that we get rained out and you cannot make it to the rain-check date, which is Wednesday June 27.

      Balance Bars (yoga props, not the snacks) and some of Heather's herbal salves and tinctures will be available for purchase by cash or check.

     To register please email Heather at

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