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Updated November 10, 2021

    Hello!  The Pandemic sure put some speed-bumps on my path.  How about yours?  I am coming out of my fog and ready to teach on a more individualized level. 
   I am vaccinated and boosted, but still cautious.  I am comfortable having people over to my home studio one or two at a time so that we have room.  If you are not vaccinated, I would require us to wear masks which doesn't sound that fun, personally, but I would consider it.
    Essentially, all the sessions will be private sessions.


       My approach offers a gentle introduction to movement and mindfulness for folks who may be reticent about yoga for whatever reason.  Perhaps surprisingly, the tools and practices I employ can also be used for exploring and deepening an existing practice through increasing time and decreasing resistance in traditional poses, so it is really fun for all levels.
      In my sessions I combine many aspects of yoga practice including breathing, mindfulness and movements which are safe and effective for almost everyone.  We explore props such as blocks and chairs to find a safe and suitable practice for everyone. My favorite tool for the physical aspect of  the practice is the Balance Bar (a.k.a Bo Staff) from my Bo Yoga®  training. It is padded and can be used to feel safe in balance poses, and so much more. Sometimes we even get to spin the Bo Staff like a drum major/cool martial arts person!

       One of the less familiar aspects of the Bo Yoga®  practice is the joint rotation series.  If you have never tried yoga before, or if you are a seasoned practitioner, you will find something new in this simple, yet super fun and effective practice. 

     We also do versions of more traditional yoga asanas (poses), but there is limited weight bearing on your wrists/hands/knees (which can be modified to be even less) and absolutely no weight bearing on your head. If any of the poses feel like too much, you are always free to do whatever you like. It is YOUR practice; I'm just the facilitator.  You and your doctor can be assured we will not be standing on our heads! I even tend to limit putting one's head below one's heart due to cardiovascular concerns being so, well, so concerning. I like to focus on the practical, "functional living" aspects of asanas. How can you maintain/improve you daily life through these gentle exercises? 
       Another kind of new and different (well, it has roots 2000 years old or so,  so maybe I should say new and different to many people) practice that I like to employ is vibration and energy exploration. This and the joint rotation series are both based on ancient Qi Gong (say chee gong) practices.  Basically it is just dancing to a fast drumming song and then, some nice flowing movements to some nice flowing music.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it so it's easy and, really, it makes you feel good.  I have many students who were unsure of this practice at first, but have come to love it as their favorite part of class! 
     I am a little goofy, so although I do take this very seriously and there are certainly quiet, reflective moments in my classes, I do try to keep things light.  I believe that people learn and integrate better when they are happy and relaxed. I love other loving people of every ability, shape, color, gender and orientation, and try very hard to be cognizant of my actions.  I do reserve the right to not serve you if you

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If you read this far, you get a glitter star for persistence!  

I attended Laura Rose’s Bo Yoga class and enjoyed the instruction, assistance, and friendly atmosphere. As a rank yoga beginner, I felt comfortable and thought that Laura did a great job of explaining the motions and uses of the balance bar.

                 --M.L. Church (retired)

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